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SOOT WASH Replication is designed to replicate heavy, black, carbon-based pollutants prevalent in London and many Northern industrial towns and cities. The main ingredients include, a colourfast high intensity black iron oxide pigment, carbon black (in the form of a lampblack*) , a proportion of old London soot, an effective water-based ‘Carrier Solution' and a unique 'Fixing Agent’ that, when mixed, will produce a durable and natural finish that allows the masonry to breathe. The physical properties of the brick remains unaltered.

 Most lampblacks (lamp black) available on the market are too blue, and will not produce anything near a traditional soot wash. The majority are actually furnace-blacks which are more likely to produce blue-grey tones and not black. The particles are also far too fine and will leach or wash from the brickwork in a short period of time. We take great care in sourcing the correct grades and colour test all our carbons against approved London soot washed brick panels. See our Technical page.

DURABILITY: The durability of our Soot Wash Replication is compatible with that of historical black carbon polluted brickwork which have built up particulates that have embedded and fused with the surface over many decades.

REVERSIBILITY: The reversibility of Soot Wash Replication is as difficult as reversing historical carbon polluted brickwork.

However, if you are seeking a temporary option that can be removed, then we advise looking at our  Carbonold website. There are a range of soot wash options to suit most projects.

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